​"We are excited to have the opportunity to work exclusively with kids to help them "break the code" and become more competent readers!"

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Marlene Jones

Jen Schmits

Jayne Pangburn

Lori Reynolds

Stephanie Rottman

Gen Kiniyalocts

Amanda Swope

​Janet Robertson

Mission:  Breaking the Code Learning Center strives to help students and families achieve reading proficiency.  Our team of tutors help every child through a targeted, personalized program using research based methods.

Marlene Jones is the Director of Breaking the Code Learning Center.  Marlene has more than 38 years in special education as both a teacher and administrator.  She has served at both the local and state levels as a leader and advisor. 

"Breaking the Code became a reality as more and more families began searching for help with their children's education."  Breaking the Code was born of the desire to help children of all levels to become proficient readers.

Breaking the Code Learning Center is different than a tutoring center.  Our staff takes the time to get to know each student on a personal level and creates a positive learning atmosphere.  Each of the tutors have been chosen not just based upon their knowledge in the field, but also for their expertise and ability to create a strong relationship with the student and family.

If your child is a struggling reader, Breaking the Code Learning Center is the answer!  We will bridge the gaps in your child's reading, writing and spelling and bring lacking skills to the mastery level.